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Feedback from customers

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“…you are simply brilliant. This is exactly what I expected from you to tell me. …Thanks again for your useful and detailed comments.”

“…You have put quite a lot of extended comments which were very useful…”

“Thanks a lot for the documented information, this is very helpful and much more efficient than I am. … “

“Håper vi kan jobbe mer sammen senere – det var veldig hyggelig og lærerikt!”

“Vi takker veldig for din hjelp, som var kanonbra, vi ville ikke har kommet noe sted uten din arbeid!”


  • NGI (the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute):
  • Greentech Intelligence (a start-up)
  • Institute for Energy Technology (IFE):
  • private clients and individual researchers
  • other companies in the private sector

Research: UNIL

I am co-supervising a PhD student (Ludovic Räss) at the Scientific Computing Group at University Lausanne, Switzerland, on the formation of channelized flow in porous rocks (and other topics):


3D viscoelastic porosity waves