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Midler til økt F&U i bedriften din nå

Norsk forskningsråd og Innovasjon Norge (og EU!) har fått økte bevilninger og forbedrete betingelser for å støtte bedrifter, spesielt SMBs, gjennom den vanskelige situasjonen relatert til COVID-19.

Jeg er oppdatert på Innovasjon Norges programmer og NFR’s nye regler for Innovasjons prosjekter for næringslivet (IPN) og hjelper gjerne til med evaluering av muligheter og eventuelt skriving av søknad.2019-08-22 19.54.17

Plans for 2018?

Now is the perfect time to make plans for 2018! Do you dream about writing that (text)book, but you don’t know where to start or how to structure it? Your business needs to take the next move and you need someone to do some research and discuss possibilities? You have had this idea for a research project in your drawer, but dread the proposal process? Or maybe your projects have a tendency to derail because they lack structure or management? Let me help you! I know accept new assignments for 2018. Just give me a call or send an e-mail for an initial discussion (free of charge).

Think about proposals now!

It feels like the year has only just begun, but time is flying and it is a good idea to start planning proposals for the NFR deadlines in August/September already now. Please contact me for more information and quotes if you need help with project design, finding the right call for you ideas, building a strong consortium, and of course with drafting and writing the proposal itself.