About me

If you want to convey the significance of your work and ideas to the outside world (colleagues, readers, peers, funding agencies, customers) the right wording matters. I combine a passion for science and technology with my love for people and language(s). My motivation is to see how your ideas and results fit into the big picture and to find the right words to maximize their impact.

During the last twenty years I have written, edited, read, evaluated and submitted a large number of proposals, papers and reports in the fields of Earth sciences, carbon capture, utilization, transport and storage, energy technology, waste management, physics, chemistry, material sciences, renewable energy and oil and gas exploration and production. My natural curiosity and eagerness to learn have led me to work with people from many different fields in academia, industry and the public sector. Now I am using this experience to help you to achieve your goals!

Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more background, CV and connections: Nina Simon on LinkedIn

Languages: German (native speaker), English (excellent), Norwegian (fluent), Italian (very good), Dutch (fluent), French (good).

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Scientific proofreading, editing and consulting

Nina Simon, PhD

e-mail: nina.simon(at)significans.net

phone: +47-48 14 31 94